Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Style File: The Best Man Holiday

I don't know about you guys, but I'm extra pressed to see "The Best Man Holiday" this weekend. I've anticipated this movie since I saw Shelby and Quentin waking up in bed together after the wedding. If you know me, you know I love myself a black love flick. Not only am I a hopeless romantic and a sucker for black love, but I also love 90s fashion. One of my favorite things about watching black movies or sitcoms is the fashion. I can sit and watch Denise Huxtable, Whitley, Freddie, Jaleesa, Max, and Regine all day admiring how fly their costumes are. I hardly ever watch tv nowdays, but If I do you'll catch me watching "A Different World", "The Cosby Show", "Living Single" or some of my fav black love movies like "Love Jones", "Waiting to Exhale" and of course, "The Best Man".

I'm a 90's baby,  so I will probably always love 90s fashion but I'm a lover of all things stylish and one of the things I love the most about the sequel to "The Best Man" is the visual elevation they have given us of each character through their costumes and hair. Jordan got herself a weave and is giving us sassy corporate style; Candy traded in her fishnet stockings and hooker boots for some opaque tights and mary-janes; and Shelby's sassy tail got her hands on Tamar Braxton's wig, Robin copped herself some cute maternity gear and Murch cut the locks and got into some texture coordinating... I ain't mad. Q was pretty sharp in "The Best Man" but he really seems to be showing out in Holiday with this new hair, silks, leather, furs n top-hats; the funny thing is that it looks like he got his pieces for his wardrobe out of his personal closet at home.

I know yall like, "but the movie didn't even come out yet :/ " lol. I guess I should hold up before I decide which if I like their original looks or their new looks better. Nonetheless, I can not wait to see what they have going on in this film. 

 Candy's blazer is good. Classic. 
Harper and Robin are still as cute as ever together, Harper grew a beard, and I likes it.  

Not really feeling the red lip on J. She's a nude gal. 
Q is wearin that collar
Loving the bow in the back on Jordan.
Nude for Jordan, Red for Shelby...much better.

                                                       They sure were coordinatin these colors…I still ain’t mad.

A lace cami, and burgundy nails as corporate attire? Go head on, J.
That rip was cut to perfection.

The guys all got new doo's... which do you prefer? 
Thank God Harper cut that hair off and bought some hats for Holiday bc that hairline sliding back each scene. 

Robin's hair didn't change much, but it was already good. 

Of course we prefer Jordan's hair short...
Locs or no locs for Murch? 
I'm determined to find a coat that resembles this beauty that Robin wore in this scene!

What do you guys think? Do you like their new looks? You think you'll prefer the wardrobe in "The Best Man Holiday"or the original? Leave your thoughts in the comment box. 

Based on the previews it seems as if Director Malcolm D. Lee did his thing once again...It will be in theaters Friday so make sure you go check it out this weekend. 

Support Black Film! :)

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