Friday, August 12, 2011

Head-wrap Fun

Hey dolls, I recently did another mini shoot with my friend Jean Marc from I was actually taking pics of him bt I came prepared to get a few shots in because that morning I hooked up a funky lil head-wrap made put of two scarves. I kept my make-up natural looking because it went with my look and also because make-up is my worst enemy in the summer time! The top wad from AA, the skirt was thrifted, and because I'm such a country bumpkin n the atmosphere was vibin with my toes, I went bare foot :D

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


So about two weeks ago my fam and I went on vacation. Before I left the house I thought we were staying in Miami but we actually stayed in a town about 20 mins from Miami called Boca Raton, but we were in Miami most of the time; and we went to Fort Lauterdale quite a bit too because about 60 of our family members from home, Georgia, and Florida were staying there. 

I was kind of disappointed that we weren't staying in Miami until I got to Boca and saw how beautiful it and its beaches was, then I was more than pleased with my dad's choice to stay in Boca. Boca Raton is like some super rich neighborhood for old ppl but I wasn't complaining because it was Gorgeous! The beaches were quiet and clean!!!

And while in miami we did some beaching, shopping, and dining. I had a ball!
This was a special family vacay because a bunch of my family from White City and some distant relatives were there and we were jst bugging out having a ball, the entire time. 

I got some great shots of some beautiful ppl....

Sissy Poo's @ th beach in Boca

Mani n Slugggg Buggg (my dad)

Beach in Boca

The FABULOUS houses in Boca!

I couldn't get a shot of the yachts they had in the backyard/bay but it was serious!

Welcome to MIAMI

"When in Rome" #asiaquote

britt n mani on the strip

south beach chillin

my little wild child. @manishauna...follow her blog here

South Beach

Dat Be Me.

Bayview??? might as well be. it was on the bay *shrugs*...moreless, cool tree. 

Bubbas :)

Yacht Club. or whatever...

if you ever go to the bayview shopping area you have to have to hit the passage of india stand! Like SERIOUSLY!!!

n they had the nerve to have two of them jammies. Two stands of pure goodness! 

One of my fav malls n some of my fav peeps!

My fam!


britt in some cute boyfriend shorts I cut! way cuter as shorts!!! 
follow her blog here 

Some of my fam in fort Lauterdale!

Wedding time! The groom n the best mens

our uninvited guests! :)) ppl watching the whole wedding from their room. 

My gorgeous sister!!! trying to walk in heels n smile at the same time. lol. n she did it beautifully!

jumping the broom

my cousin n aunt

Sudy's girls!(mama in the middle)

the reception was flawless!

our bride n groom!
They had two cakes, this is cake # two. My fam owns a barber shop chain and the shops' logo is on the cake. #cuteness
Jenn n Billy 
The Newly-Weds