Tuesday, September 20, 2011


As some of you know Fashion's Night Out was a couple of weeks ago on the 9th. I went with a few friends including Jean Marc and Carl from Fashion Through Your Eyes, and our friend Junior.

While we were on our #FNO excursion we were networking and catching as mank fab folks on camera as possible. We stayed in Soho for most of the night, and as you will see as you keep scrolling, the creative energies in Soho were shattering her brick streets that night.

Bellow I have pics of some of the fab guys and gals we stopped and drooled over that night...

First stop. Marc.jacobs.
marc made an appearance

 Marc.Jacobs. signing items that people bought.

Street Fab!

some yummy Spaniards we met.

in Vera Wang with Vera

Danni Phae's drippin. this chick is dope.

Susy from African Creature and her lovely crew making Chanel look good.

The energy that these guys had was AH-ma-Zing! love it!

Renae Bluitt of In Her Shoes Blog  and Michi Chassagne. 
Their hair was EVERYTHING!

Some dapper dons including Hanif and Brett form Avid Courtesy League.
It was really great seeing bloggers out and about enhancing the energy of the night.
Men's fashion is something I truely appreciate and it was great to see some of the male fashion bloggers on the scene. Chatting and networking with these guys and others was so inspiring. To see people tryingt to do the same things Im doing just drives my passion deeper and pushes me to do more.

Flashlight...Neon Bright!
Fab model decked out in 70's gear at a QVC anni event

A stylist on the come up and his very animated friend. lol.  i lovvvved his ensemble.



  1. You looked AbFab! Everyone else too, lol.

  2. @ishinaba: yes ma'am we were in SOHO

  3. @Nicole: thanks pretty lady!!!


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