Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Don't Cha Know No Good???

Often times us girls fall victim to the traps that the manufacturers of the labels of tons of hair products that are extremely unhealthy for our hair. All we need to see is a label that says something like "GROW", "SHINE", "CURL", "STRAIGHTENING", or "DEFINE", and we just gotta have it. Oh and don't let it have a cute bottle (you know the ones that shimmer), then it's definitely a done deal!

It's really important that we be tougher than that because we simply can't afford to put some of the chemicals that those products contain in our hair. Many of these products have chemicals such as Mineral Oil and Sulfur that are very VERY, SUPER, DUPER bad for our hair!

Mineral oil and petroleum, which is usually found in conditioners and moisturizers, suffocates your scalp keeping any nutrients from entering your scalp or hair follicles as well as trapping in any toxins that your body is trying to release. So basically it keeps the good stuff out and keeps the bad stuff in. Mineral oil and petroleum have the same effect on your skin so stay away from lotions, oils and VASELINE that contain these products as well.  So, it might be a good idea to let go the family tradition of greasing your face, hair, feet and knees with petroleum jelly. 

Petroleum is something used to make tires along with rubber and it just doesn't belong in your hair! It has the same exact effects on your hair as does mineral oil. 

Sulfur, which is usually found in shampoos, is a harsh chemical that is actually used in some cleaning products and laundry detergents, and it strips your hair of most of its nutrients; and dries it out big time! Sulfur is also found in a lot of body washes and soaps, and it has the same effect on your skin as it does on your hair. 

It is a bit of a challenge to try to limit yourself to using only hair and beauty products that do not contain mineral oil and sulfur because the majority of products you will see on the shelves of any store will contain these chemicals. However, one good thing about this is that you will be less inclined to spend a bunch of money on hair products just because they have a persuasive description and cute container. When I discovered the effects that mineral oil and sulfur had on your hair and skin I went on a anti-mineral oil and anti-sulfur rampage. I threw out every thing that I had that contained these chemicals. Because I realized that products with those chemicals were actually preventing my hair from being healthy; causing dry itchy scalp, serious breakage, and lack of moisture.
I dug deep and did some research on what products I could use that didn't contain these chemicals and I cam across a few goodies!

These are the products that I currently use in my hair...

This Organix brand is heaven sent!!! I personally love the coconut milk, but they have a ton of different lines for all of your hair needs! 
 All of their products are mineral oil, petroleum and sulfur free!!!

You can find these products at any walmart, target, drugstore, and most of your Chinese hair
This pretty much my main jawn when it comes to shampoo's and conditioners because they are all the way like that! The shampoo makes your hair feel squeaky clean after just one wash (oh yea and you should try to just stick to just one wash to prevent over-washing), an the conditioner leaves your hair   amazingly soft. Not to mention the decadent scent of the coconut milk. 

 This is another great product. Its a great deep conditioner or co-wash product. Another plus is that it is alot cheaper than the organix products. You can also find this at any drug store or walmart/target. 

 I started using this shampoo when I dyed my hair. Its a moisturizing shampoo which is really good for color because the color dries your hair out so much. Its also specially designed for us dyed girls. 

For extra moisture and shine while I'm running out the door, this olive oil spray is the way to go! And you can best believe on days that I ran out of this bottle I went right to the kitchen cabinet and slapped some olive oil from the jar right on my head. 

These few products n a brush every now n then is all I need to do my low fade.  

While I know it may hurt your feelings a little to rid your bathroom cabinets of all the yucky petroleum, mineral oil an sulfur products, your hair, skin, and body will love you for it!

Peace and olive oil* you beauties!


  1. yessssssss "peace and olive oil" haha love it!

  2. I love organix! I use the tea tree mint shampoo and conditioner. do you know where i can find the full line of organix products tho? At the stores near me, they only have the shampoo and conditioner.

  3. Yes that line is heaven sent!!!
    But they usually have the full lines at walgreens, rite-aid, walmart, n target.


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