Friday, February 17, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter Haul

Hey Guys, 

Today I'm doing a haul on the Revlon Lip Butter Line. I bought four of them and these were the colors I thought would compliment my skin the best while still working for lighter complexions. 

Aside from the "Raspberry Pie" not twisting up, I have no complaints about the lip butters so far. I started off by applying chap-stick (blistex), and a primer (Lorel) to fill in the creases because these products do tend to get into the creases of your lips quite a bit. 

They were all creamy colors (meaning no shimmer), and they varied in pigmentation. The "Raspberry Pie" and the "Gumdrop" were the more pigmented shades. The "Sugar Plum and "Tuti Fruiti" were very lightly pigmented, but this is really good for a heavy eye, when you just want a subtle lip. 

They go on very nicely, they definitely live up to their name, they feel and look very buttery but not OD buttery and greasy. 

They are very build-able; for the "gumdrop" I added a Revlon gloss lilac gloss and a Wet n wild blue eyeshadow for liner. For all of them, you can add glosses, lipsticks, or liners to switch the colors up a bit. I did line my lip with a brown liner for each color and that worked out well for the most part; so thats another option. Thats the really good thing about a light subtle color, the possibilities for jazzing them up are endless!

Revlon Lip Butter: "Gumdrop"
Revlon Super Lustrous  Lip Gloss: "Lilac Pastel"
Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Pencil: "Distress"                               


Revlon Lip Butter: "Tuiti Fruiti"

Revlon Lip Butter: "Sugar Plum"


Revlon Lip Butter: "Raspberry Pie"
(This is when my memory card ran i took these picks on my phone :/)

I really love all of these colors!!! 
Its so hard to decide which one's my have but it would have to be a tie between the "gumdrop" an "tuti fruiti" I didn't like the way either one of them looked on me at first, but they grew on me and now I'm in love!!! I think I love them so much, because Ive never worn a color like those two and I just love new colors that work for me!!! <33

Which one's your have???
Let me know in the comment box!

*Im uploading a video that I did of me putting these colors on. Its just super long so Im trying to do some* more editing. Ill post the video on here when I finish it. 

Have a Fabulous Weekend!!!


  1. Ohh I like the raspberry pie.

    I recently bought a lipliner to use for color with my balm because lipsticks always dry my lips and I've been wanting experiment with lip color.

    I was curious about this line, thanks for the review.

    1. yes girl, I love them all!!!
      Im glad the post was helpful!!!

  2. Ohh thanks so much for posting this! xoxo

    I live in London and the lip butters have not come out here yet and I was trying to figure out which colours would've worked for me!

    You rocked every single one of those! I think I'm gonna get raspberry pie for myself, I absolutely LOVE how that one looks!

    1. Thank you so much babe! Im so glad this post was helpful!!! and yess raspberry pie seems to give everyone life! lol.


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