Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Let's Face It (The Clarisonic Initial Review)

So last week I realized that my acne isn't going to clear itself up and that unless I want hyper-pigmentation to take over my life, I need to get a grip on some sort of a legitimate skin care routine. 

The picture above was taken last week as two scars on my cheeks were healing. The horrific scabs had just peeled off of my face after saturating my skin with shea butter for two weeks. The cuts started out as two of you average white-heads but some how things got bad quickly. This is an all too familiar pattern with the relationship between my skin and I. Either I'm picking or forgetting to moisturize, or just washing with whatever, or sleeping with makeup on, or whatever...but the point is that I admit, I do not take very good care of my skin; I'm too laid back when skin care and I decided last week that this has to stop. You would think that as much as I care about hair, style, fashion and makeup I would be a skin care nut but I think the issue is that I know nothing about skin care and it seems like such an overwhelming topic to dig into; not to mention that skin care products are so pricy, Im the type of girl who would rather buy some shoes, a sweater, some lipstick, or a weave instead of some proactive. Well obviously that attitude was getting me nowhere fast... I have had acne since I was thirteen and I guess I had just lazily and ignorantly lost hope in the possibility that my skin would ever get any better. Over the years I have just learned to love the skin I'm in. Now don't get me wrong, I love me some me; but I've had to learn the hard way that there is a difference between loving the skin you're in and failing to take care of your temple. I was guilty of the later, but that's all about to change. 

In 2013 I am really focusing on taking the best care of my body since it's the only one I've got n all. So I am putting an end to all of this laziness and foolishness and I am going to try my best to tackle my skin care issue without getting all crazy.

I have acne, combination skin, puffiness, and hyper-pigmentation, and I think it is safe to assume that I am not the only person on earth dealing with these particular skin care issues. And as a woman who likes to play around with makeup every once in a while, its super annoying trying to cover up dark marks, and dry skin while trying to keep your makeup looking natural. 

So I knew that I needed to invest in some serious products, but I just needed to know which ones...so I started out my search today at Nordstrom's and Sephora. These two stores have always been my go-to's for makeup so I just naturally went to the skin-care counter at Nordstrom just as lost and needy as I always do, and the lady at the counter told me about the Clarisonic. Now apparently this is like super great, other women who were shopping stopped to tell me about how much they loved it and how I had to get it because it would change my life, so who was I to turn away from this miracle brush?  I also remembered my friend telling me about how I have to get it, and she's really into skin care and has perfect skin so I really had no choice. 

So here it is ladies and gentleman...from the makers of the Sonicaire Toothbrush, the clarisonic ARIA...

 Isn't s she pretty?! 

Now let me break this thing down for you right quick...
She does come in different colors; I just chose black because black is beautiful... She's not just for she's; the world needs more clear skinned thugs... She has two older sisters the "Mia" and the "Mia2"(there's one that is for the body and face that's a little more pricy...but the lady at the desk told me that if you put the aria on the 3rd speed with the deep cleansing brush it should do the trick. (dont use the same brush for face and body))... Aria is $200, Mia2 is $150, and Mia is $120. Aria is the most advanced one yet, and it just recently came out. It has 3 speeds, a battery indicator, a charging/drying stand, its shower friendly, and it does not have time constraints like the previous two models for all of the free spirits such as myself. ;-) The thing that sold me about the Aria was that it had more options for speeds and time settings and that it was black (duh)...also I'm not very tech savvy so when it comes to technology and investments I tend to just get the latest model of whatever I'm buying. The lady at the dest told me that she has the Mia2 and she loves it and another lady in the store told me she has the Mia and its perfect. The main difference between the Mia and the Mia2 is that the Mia2 has two speeds, if you are concerned about the cost, I would just get the Mia, I don't think it's that serious.

Another amazing thing about the Clarisonic is that it stimulates your facial muscles and gets your blood flowing to leave you with a healthy glow and a de-puffed face (something I seriously need)
In the box you get the Aria, a travel friendly brush protector, a travel friendly charger and USB (goes right into your laptop!), a sensitive skin brush head, a charge/drying stand and a sample sized facial cleanser.

This baby is the bomb. Perfect for your bathroom counter, or your suitcase.

The lovely lady at the Nordstrom's gave me this Deep Cleansing Brush in for free! 
By the way. The brushes should be changed ever 4-5 months and they have different textures for different skin types. They are $25 a piece or 2 for $40. 

 ARIA sitting on her throne. I see you, gurrl. 

 wall plug.



While I was at the mall I decided to stop by Sephora since I had a coupon, and I picked up this Philosophy energizing moisturizer. It is oil free and it provides your skin with that healthy glow that might be hiding from the environment's harsh elements. The thing that sold me on this moisturizer was that it's caffeine infused and has coffee in the ingredients which is great for the puffy face that I have a least 6 days out of the week...I got a few different samples for facial cleansers today as well. When I get a feel for them I will decide on one and let you guys know. I think I will try the one that came in the clarisonic box first. 

I'm really excited! I hope this stuff is as amazing as everyone says it is...supposedly this stuff is supposed to make your makeup go on nicer because it shrinks your pores and makes your skin smoother. Basically the Clarisonic is EV-er-Y-THANG!

I'll be sure to keep you guys posted on my skin's progress (I didn't put that jacked up pic of myself up there for nothing) I'll do some afters soon to go with that before. 

Hope this was helpful...hopefully someone was inspired to do their absolute best with taking care of their temple... and I hope the investment I made today will bring some serious improvements to my face. 

Until Next Time, Beauties...

P.S. If I haven't told you enough about the Clarisonic products, Sephora has a ton of reviews on each product, so go check it out http://sephora.com. Youtube also has alot of reviews as well...happy cleansing. :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Quick Youtube Update

I just uploaded a few videos...one update and a two part makeup tips series...

Here are the links to the Makup Tip vids Part 1 and Part 2.


Monday, January 14, 2013

Private Party

Playing around with my camera, listening to Dipset. Wanna see?...

listenin to gangsta music

 Golly im Gully

 whats really good? 

Sequined Top: Tracy Reese (from the target x neiman marcus collection)
Leather Jeans: Target
Velvet strapped flats: Zara
lippy: NK "raisin" (from the beauty supply for a dolla, holla), lined by MAC "nightmoth"


Thursday, January 3, 2013

My current hair routine

Aye bay bays! So as you've probably noticed I've changed my hurr again. Its been a while since my last hair update so I've decided to give you the rundown of my hair routine.
 So after suffering from heat damage, I decided to relax my hair so that I can wear it in a short pixie cut.  I use the Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil at home relaxer kit. I know, I know, its 2012, we're so against relaxers and chemicals and stuff, but my hair had some serious damage and 2 different curl-patterns after I took my weave out so continuing my natural journey was no longer an option after that. I still do love natural hair, and I do plan to go back to my roots eventually, but I figured I would have fun with this style (since its one of my favs) while I have the chance. 

 I also know the forbidden rule for relaxers is to never use the box ones at home...but I just don't trust salons with my hair and I refuse to pay $80 for a relaxer. 

So, before I apply the relaxer, grease my scalp with vasline and almond oil to protect my scalp from the chemicals. 

After basing with the vasline I apply the relaxer, following all of the directions in the box and wash and deep condition with the stuff they give you in the box (organic root stimulator brand)
 oh yea nothing like a good 90s hood flick to pass the time...
 So after sitting under the drier for 15 mins with the organic root stimulator DC I rinse that out and apply this amazing Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Conditioner. Then I sit under the drier with this for another 15 mins.
 Then I do a ACV treatment. Just spray it on my scalp with this spray bottle.

Post DC
 So then I ad my Macadamia Healing Oil Spray, My Keratin Complex intense reconstructing serum (this stuff is amazing, it adds the protein back into my hair that I lost from the relaxer), and then I ad this Nubian Heat Protectant Spray
So after I put my repair stuff in, I apply set lotion (the Jane Carter Stuff to the right)...I apply a very little bit of Redken straightening serum. (I don't add the hair lotion until after the hair is molded, right before I flat Iron)
I brush down my hair in the shape that I want my hair to be to prepare it for molding. 
I then apply these wrap strips and my doo rag and sit under the dryer for an hour. 
btw, these wrap strips were super cheap at Sally's, its like a bagillion of them for $15!

 The dryer I use to set and DC

After Molding and letting my hair absorb some almond oil, I cut my hair with the clippers in the back and on the side and the shears in the front and top for layers. Then I flat ironed my hair using the Babylis Nano Titanium Pro Flat Iron and the mini one (for the really short parts) This duo is all that. 

 After I flat iron my hair I apply the Mizani "shyne" oil sheen, Shea Moisure Reconstructive Elixer, Almond Oil, and Coconut Oil and wrap my hair up for at least an hour. These 4 products are the products that I use daily for upkeep. I apply the almond oil and mizani sheen to my hair and the Shea Moisture and coconut oil to both my hair and my scalp. I apply the mizani in the morning and the rest of them in the morning and before bed.