Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Aliexpress Virgin Brazilian Wavy: Initial Review

Heatless Waves!!!

Hey girls, So I've had my Aliexpress weave in for about two months now and I honestly have to say that it looks like I just put it in as far as the quality of the hair goes. I have crazy regrowth under this U-part wig that I sewed my weave on to (and then I sewed the wig onto my head), so its time for me to take it off, wash my real hair and then re-sew it on. I probably will try a side part, but we'll see.

A little bit about this hair: Its Virgin Brazilian Wavy hair from aliexpress . All the other information you will need to know about this hair can be found in this video and in the description box under the video. (if the link doesn't work for you, the video is in the post above).

Anyhoo, I've been trying to find new ways to style my hair that don't require much work and that don't require heat. I don't really like doing my hair every day, but I need it to look great every day because Ive been doing outfit posts and video posts a lot more often since school is over. For about the first month, I went ham with the styling; I was curling wanting, flat ironing and flexi-rodding all kray (don't worry, Im editing videos for styling this hair). 

I usually just put my hair in two 
big bantu-knots or buns on the sides of my head in pig-tail style, and that style gives me what I call a flirty lose wave, and I would just bump my shortest layers. But after rocking that look for a month, y'all know me, I got sick n tired of that style. 

So I figured I'd try a deeper wavy look that wasn't so freakin pretty, so I braided my hair into two Ms. Ceily's, tied em up at the ends and put my head scarf on.

It only takes about 10 mins to do the braids. Just be sure to brush your hair before you put them in and secure them with a ponytail at the ends. I put the braids in every night and take them out when I get out of the shower, a few minutes before I'm out the door. 

I put absolutely no product on my hair, like ever! NOOOO PRODUCT!!!
I hate it, it weighs the hair down, yuck! 
But seriously, it doesn't need any product. 

This was the look when I took the braids out and just ran my fingers through them. I was running out the door that day so I didn't do my leave-out and just threw a turban on.

The next day I brushed it out with this John Frida Paddle brush that I got from Rite Aid.

The braid-out looks so much better when you brush it out, nobody likes a sticky weave, girls! THE BRUSH IS YOUR FRIEND!

I did the braid-out on dry hair, but you can do it on wet, and damp hair too. The only problem with the wet and damp technique is that you will have a longer drying time and it may mess up your plans. But I will show you guys the difference between a wet and a dry one, and Ill post pics...I didn't include my leave out in the action but I would definitely do so if I had longer hair, and I think I'm going to try that next time so that it might blend better. Ill post a mini vid or post up about how that comes out. 

I chose a boho chic look to rock my wavy hair, it made me feel like a little hippie :)

This look should work with any type of hair, so it doesn't have to be Virgin Brazilian Wavy.

The braids are very shower friendly too, girls! I just pull them to the front of my head and clip em down. Easy Peasy!

G-baby, loves the braids, y'all!!! lol. 
This technique and the buns are def on the top of my list for my summer go-to's. They are so quick and easy, and thats perfect for a lazy potato such as myself who hates to do anything to her hair at night. Like seriously, its torture!!!

For the eyes I used this Maybelline Color Explosion pallet in "Forrest Fury" 
For my cheeks I used this Wet n Wild blush in "Mellow Wine"
For my lips I used Revlon's "Gentlemen Prefer Pink" 
Cover Girl's Wet Slicks "Grape Splash"

I added some lashes by Kiss and I couldn't find my adhesive so I glued them on with hair glue.

Stay tuned for more on styling this hair, I love it and Its not going anywhere any time soon.

If you have any questions whatsoever about the weave or the makeup please let me know!!! You guys have the best feedback in the world, it helps me to help you, so ask away, dolls!!!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

This weekend my fam hit the sand down in Wildwoods, NJ to celebrate the holiday. 

My mom rocked the most fab cover-up!

Of course we had the wawa hoagies on deck. 

Papa Slugg and I 
My little sis

I mixed and and matched a neon top with an electric bottom to embrace this season's fab neon trend.
My little fly girl worked this season's one-piece trend and nailed the ruffles trend effortlessly. 

My kid bro

Pressley gals

My little sis and my brother's girlfriend chillin in the air
lol. I think we have an audience

She's a dancing machine
A family full of silly billies

Poor Imani, always the victim of DJ's life threatening stunts!

All of that to pack up those kites -_-


Vintage Roller Coaster? Tru.

Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake...?

Funnel Cake is my favorite food!
Polish Water Ice and Wildwoods exclusive fresh made Curley's fries.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend, with loved ones. 
And I Salute all of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the liberty of this country!

Later Lovers,