Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mani's twist out

So last week I did my lil sis's hair in a twist-out. She's the only person in our fam who has yet to cut her hair so she's one of my guinea-pigs til I get some hair.

She washed and conditioned her hair by herself, using the organix coconut milk line. Then I deep conditioned her hair using Carol's daughter's Black vanilla smoothie n Hellman's mayo. I let the DC sit in her hair for abt a half while she wore a shower cap. After detangling with my "Goody" wide tooth comb I was ready to twist.

The shampoo (conditioner looks jst like this)

(my DC products)

The twists were abt medium sized. And because she wanted them going to the front on the right side of her face, I twisted them in that direction on that side of her face. The products I used for the twists were: tons of olive oil, garnier fructis water based wax, carol's daughter loc butter, n carol's daughter hair milk original. I parted her hair in 4 sections and put a very small amount of each product (except the EVOO which i used a bunch of, and thd wax which i saved for later) in each section. Then I braided combed each section to work in the products. I braided up 3 of the sections n left one out. Then I twisted n sealed the ends with the wax by twisting them with my fingers. I continued this process with each section until I was done; being careful to twist in the direction I wanted the hair to go.





Thursday, July 28, 2011

week 4

Here's a super late update of week four of my hair growth challenge! I used the same regimen as week 3. I think I'm gonna stick to that (carol's daughter hair milk shampoo n conditioner, CD hair smoothie, CD Lisa's hair elixir). Each of the photos were taken after a deep conditioner and hot oil treatment. My hair was still wet but had no product in it.

Because my hair is all the same color I determine my new growth by the shape the curl's have reached, the amount of scalp you can see, and the height my hair is off my head in the front.

Imma have to have a lil talk with Jesus about these slow-to-grow temples of mine. But other than that I'm very happy with the growth.

Pray for my temples n I'll pray for your's. :))

Peace & olive oil.

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away

As i play around with my iphone more And more,I'm starting to slowly but surely fall deeply in love with apple products. There are a ton of neat apps that I have downloaded over the past month. It seems that having an iPhone app connected to your website is the new thing n I'm loving it!

The app that I will feature this week is the "Revlon All Access" app that gives daily fashion and beauty tips straight from some of the industry's pro's.

Gucci Westman, June Ambrose, Polly Blitzer, and Annabel Tollman all teamed up to give you your daily dose of fabulousness!

So go now and download this yummy app on your iPhone, or iPod to get daily tips and current beauty and fashion ideas. N not to worry, if you miss a day, you can catch up with the archives section of the app!

Enhance your beauty through research loves!!! It's out there, we've just got to go get it!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

sugar, spice, n everything nice...nastygal fit.

Hey loves, let me start off by apologizing for leaving you guys with no post for so long. I was on vacay last week, so I didn't get a chance to post anything. But don't worry, posts are backed up and I have lots to share with you guys, so stay tuned!

So check it, I decided to do something new with one of my fav hobbies...ONLINE SHOPPING!!! Whenever you go online shopping with one of you guy or gal friends, you can get a really good idea of the type of style that person has; and if their style is similar to yours you guys can get some serious bonding in during that online shopping session. So, because I browse and shop online so much, I'm going to share my experience with you guys. Each week Ill post an outfit or two, or three from my online shopping escapades. This is a way for me to give you guys a little taste of my style as well as some yummy ideas for outfits!

So with that said, this is the first fit and its from

Sunday, July 17, 2011

my first attempt at doing locs!

So my boo has locs, and for so long I've wanted him to teach me how to do them because I feel like dreads is the only thing I don't know how to do to natural hair. His sister is actually a hairstylist n she is amazing! She does everything under the sun when it comes to hair;and she's don't some pretty dope styles to his hair. I've been saying for a year that I have to get her to teach me because I knew that was the only way he would let me get my hands in his hair.

I recently bought the Carol's daughter "loc butter" for my (future) twist-outs n his locs. I'm trying to get him into the healthy hair stuff too n he's so supportive and really open to it all. So he finally decided to teach me how to do his locs n let me tell y'all, I was pressed! Lol. So after teaching me with a couple of locs I caught on pretty quickly, and then I went on to twist the rest of his locs.

It took me two days with breaks and stuff tho. That was the most precise, multi-stepped hairstyle I've ever done. Whew! But we both enjoyed the quality time together, watching movies, talking, and listening to Jim Rohn, Les Brown, and Tony Robbins audio's (he's a life coach and we are constantly perfecting our crafts and living our dreams).

The products I used were Carol's Daughter "loc butter" and Garnier Fructis Style "water based shine wax"

Here's the before picture

In his "IWILL" gear...Like his hoodie and button?! Let me kno and I'll tell you how u can get one

Lol. Someone's happy they are getting their hair done.


Finally done twisting

The finished product

Next I want to learn how to do different styles with locs!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

maximum capacity

The maxi dress has been a ever evolving trend for about the past 5 years. But the biggest mistake to make when when maxing it out is thinking that a maxi dress is a maxi dress. There have been slight but fashionably significant changes in the trends for maxi dresses. Opposed to last season's floral, Hawaiian, and paisley print trend, this season is all about the boho, racerback, oversized and flowy fit maxi dress. These trends are definitely something to keep in mind when shopping for your maxi's!

Boho maxi

Cheetah-print kimono style maxi


Cut out

Maximum transparency

Maxi's for mommy

Maxi it on the beach

...Check out the way some stylish celebs have been maxing it out this season...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

week three

Hello Queens n Kings, I hope everyone had a great week and a fab holiday!!! Now I kno I'm late on the weekly hair update but I got yall; took these photos earlier in the week to prepare for a post but never got around to putting this one up. I def had some new growth and I'm getting past that week long awkward phase where it's stuck between a fade n my curls.

I'm predicting that my hair isn't going to grow at the same pace each week, this stuff has a mind of it's own but it's pretty cool recording the process!!!

But I'm so proud of myself!!! I have been sticking to my healthy hair regimen and so has britt...

Right after I took these photos, I did a deep conditioner with the new Carol's Daughter products I just purchased. Im going to do a mini review on them very soon so stay tuned!

Alright y'all have a lovely week!!! <3

Saturday, July 9, 2011

hate it or love it???

This, my loves, is the Jeffery Campbell "Tardy" boot. Now I love me some JC, but ummm, I'm not too sure abt this jammie. When I first saw it I hated it, but then after taking a second look at it I wondered if I wasn't being open enough to the endless possibilities of fashion

So I'm asking you guys what u think. Do you see potential in it or would you just rather not to see it at all?


Friday, July 8, 2011


Hey loves, so I recently got the iPhone4 and slowly but surely I have been discovering he endless possibilities of this thingymajiger.

The other day I downloaded the way cool "Instagram" app. Its like a photo-sharing network that can also serve as a photo-editer bc it has some really neat special effects. I was playing around with some make-up today and decided to have some mini-shoot fun. Once I finished the shoot I threw the "nashville" effect on the photos and viola...

For all my iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users: download the app here and follow me (gspotownit)

Top: American apparel
Necklace: mom's closet
Pants: forever21 romper with the top tucked under
Lip color: MAC "ruby woo" color inspiration from celeb stylist June Ambrose)