Monday, September 26, 2011

Natasha's 21st!!!

My friend Tasha turned 21 over the weekend.
Pics from her party!!!

Me n Carl with my right hand, Asia!
Go out with these cats and your bound to have fun!

carl n abby

Our Aphrodite of the night
I adored her look that night!!!

Carl posing with the birthday girl Natasha!!!
Doesnt she look STUNNING???

The cake and table decorations were all of that!

HAHAH!!! good times!!!

fine lads

 Ms. Nashira looking gougeous!

Hey hey! its Ant Gibbons, our Gspot logo creator!

The birthday girl and the Iotas

New kids on the block

Love this girl!

Asia, Me, and Abby

my twinnie
lol. my friend Ikepo workin it ouuuut!

A Red Carpet Affair

Had to get another one of my soul sista!

photo creds: Jean Marc and Carl

I had a ball. Everyone looked Fab.
What more can you ask for???


Mini shoot with "Fashion Through Your Eyes"

Me and my loves, Jean Marc and Carl from Fashions Through Your Eyes went to our friend Natasha's 21st Birthday party, and before the party we did a mini shoot in Jean Marc's apartment.

My look was super last minute!!! I had the hardest time finding something to wear. But I ended up turning this vintage oversized sequinced skirt into a shirt to achieve this look.

Its always so much fun going out with these two dapper dons! They are so fashion forward and when we are together we all compliment each other! So basically, they make me look good! lol. Not to mention we are all great friends and every time we are together we have an absolute ball!

gspot & Fashoion Through Your Eyes OWNING it! :)

Carl on the left, Jean Marc on the Right

The night before the party i wanted to be a grandma so I stayed in and watched youtube videos. While I was watching, I came across this amazing eye make-up tutorial! Lord knows I needed that thing! lol. So while I was getting dolled up for the party I decided to try out the girl's techniques.

I think im finally starting to master my nude lip and foundation.
Not too heavy, or greasy for the foundation and not too light for the lips #holla
Took long enough! uGh!


 H.I.P. Color Truth Creame Eyeliner

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Color Smokes Eye Shadow 236 cobalt smokes

L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes

Foundation: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Deep Dark

Maybelline Dream Mousse blush in 50- Cloud Wine

MAC Honour Frosh powder blush (highlight)

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick Soft Nude 070


Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Im such a sucker for a textured body and a chunky heel"

So a couple of weeks ago I did a post on some Top Shop fall fab, and today I purchased a few things on the list of things I absolutely loved...

I was in desprate need of a fashionable winter coat and I just couldnt get these yummy booties off my mind!!!

Now I just need them to hurry up and get here so I can see what they look like on. The downside to online shopping is def the sizing factor for me! I just pray they fit!

Both pieces can be found at


new hair

Hey beauties!
So as I told you guys in the last post, Ive been rocking a wig for the past week or so. I  just was dying to try something new that was quick for my birthday. So I ordered this wig online just to try it out..and I fell in love! It was perfect!!! Its huge and fun. lol. I swear it inspires me to try different fun looks. I look at it as an accessory (especially since you can take it off) lol.
But yes, I think im sold! Because this thing is hawt!

HAHA! I know everyone isnt into wigs or big, wild n crazy hair or someone going from one hair extreme to the next but yall know I am! lol. 
Like seriously, this thing is perfect for me! because I get bored with my hair quick so when I do get sick of it, I can just take it off! lol.

these are just some pics from my phone of looks that I tried with my new doo...

So just like every other girl who rocks big hair, I hoped that ppl would say that I reminded them of Chaka and Badu simply because they are the baddest big hair mamajamas ever! lol. Well I did get my inspiration for this doo from them and a few other famous hotties...

n if yall think that when this hair has run its corse I wont pick it out to get that Erykah look... Watch This...