Monday, November 28, 2011

GSpot Styles: Electric bottoms

hey Dolls,

 One of my fav fall trends has been the tights and shorts combo. Here I paired that combo with the color blocking trend to put some extra stank on it. I think my fav thing about this outfit is that there's alot going on, but some how it all works. I have the over-sized crochet top, leather shorts, tights, bright mary-janes, and bottom only color blocking...pushing it a bit?

lol. I always prefere to keep it funky.

be inspired.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Style Light: Playing With Plaid

hey there pretty people!
This week's Style Light is PLAID

Plaid is a pattern that is also known as "tartan" in Scotland, where it originated. Tartan is a pattern of multi-colored vertical and horizontally stitched lines. In Scotland, you will mainly find tartan on kilts, but in the US we have no limits to what we will plaid. This season I have seen plaid taken to another level. From Haute Couture to Trashy Rocker, plaid is this season's go-go-pattern. 
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Yves Saint Laurent
United Bamboo
Thom Brown
Tory Burch
Moschino Cheap and Chic

Yigal Azrouel

Vivienne Westwood Red Label
Wes Gordon
Rachel Zoe
Yves Saint Laurent

Betsy Johnson

Designers were showing out with this season's plaid pieces...

check out some looks that I put together of with plaid pieces...
Kill them softly with these effortless plaid trousers...
Eat his heart out while lacing these gold heeled plaid booties...
Go undercover with this chic trench...
Show the librarian a thing or two with this wool midi.

I love the plaid looks that I have seen on both the streets and the runways so far this season, Im looking forward to seeing what yumminess you guys and gals will put together with your plaid pieces!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Style Light: I'll Pencil You In

Hello my loves, I've decided to do a weekly focus on a specific trend that I think is yummy or influential to the fashion industry. This new feature is going to be called Style Light (get it?...kinda like spotlight...ehhh whatevs...). The point of this feature is to keep my readers up to date on the new trends, as well as to give you guys different ways to execute these trends. I know my readers are all very different and I don't want to leave anyone out when I focus on specific trends, so if I do leave out your particular style, let me know and I will create a look that goes with your specific style ;). 

So lets get down to the nitty gritty, I discovered this new online thingy called Palyvore and it is truly heaven sent! It allows me to shop all of these amazing brands, styles, and trends and put them in a cart (just like online shopping) and then I can create looks with the pieces that I have in my cart. So I can style without leaving my apartment! I'm in love, I promise I am!!! This is another way for me to give you guys an idea of my style as well as a way for me to hopefully inspire some of you on your style adventures!

Ok so the first Style Light will shine on pencil skirts...

The Pencil Skirt evolved from the hobble skirt which was a pre-WW1 fad, these were the skirts that came really tight at the ankles. So gals tripped around all day until they got hip, and figured out that it was time for a new trend. 

The Hobble Skirt

French designer, Christian Dior brought us the classic modern pencil skirt in the 1940s, and he called it the "H-line skirt"(because of the shape).

When Christian Dior introduced the pencil skirt in the 40s

There's our girl!!! ...Marilyn M. was one of the style icons of her time, and she was known for sporting a pencil skirt or 10 in her day. 

In the 40s, the ladies wore their pencil skirts to work for the most part, but gals now days have figured out how to add some spunk to their pencil skirts, and now they can be perfect for any occasion...

The pencil skirt in Dior's 2011 fall line

Some of Hollywood's A'listers and style icons of today still sporting their pencils

ahhhhhh!...Guess who designed this????...
Albino D'Amato

Badgley Mischka by Mark Badgly and James Mischka





Badgley Mischka by Mark Badgly and James Mischka

Banana Republic

 Aquilano.Rimondi by Tommaso Aquuilano and Roberto Rimondi

ADAM by Adam Lippes

3.1 Phillip Lim by Phillip Lim

 ADAM by Adam Lippes

Bellow are some looks that I created on Polyvore with pencil skirts. 

glitz n glam it up. 

Tone down a colorful outfit with black opaque tights and black pumps. This is also a good way to make use of your summer pieces in the fall. 

Texture, need i say more?
Funky Prints, oversized jumper and knee high boots.


The spectacularly feathered Pencil Skirt at the top that I told you guys to guess for was designed by Sarah Burton, the lady who inherited the late Alexander McQueen's Iconic line. This is a piece from Alexander McQueen 2011

*All of the runway designs were from each designer's Fall 2011 line*

Be inspired guys and keep shining your light! :)