Monday, August 27, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

Crew Fiber. (Walmart)
For men but the perfect wax for my pixie cut. All I do is put a little on my fingers, play with my hair to get it styled right and once I get it right it stays because the wax is on it already. Super flexible hold.

 Chloe rollerball travel perfume. (Sephora)
Smell goods on the go are perfect for the always-on-the-go-girl like myself. I just roll some of this on in the car and throw it in my bag for potty-room trips. And let me tell you how perfect this scent is! Its a super chic every day scent!

 Maybelline FIT Me foundation in 355. (Walmart/ Macy's)
This foundation is the darkest shade they have and of course its not dark enough for me but it works as a great concealer and a great clean up after I fill in my brows. 

MAC mineralize skin finish in Deep Dark. 
This is as heavy as Ill go with the coverage. I absolutely hate having a caked up face so I just swipe a little bit of this on my face, a very little bit!!!

Almond oil. (Walmart)
My new fav oil. It makes my hair super duper soft. Nuff said!

Redken Smooth Lock and Sheer Straight. (Walmart Salon)
This duo is a mean humidity shield, a must for my stubborn kinks! Perfect for my short cut and for leave-outs. So you can tame those unruly edges and get them to blend with that brazilian wavy. ohh-kay!

 MAC "Brun" eyeshadow.
This is an eyeshadow but I use it for everything. Its the perfect brow filling powder for my complexion. It gives me just enough pigment; I also use it for contouring my cheekbones, and nose, and my eyes in the outer corner.

MAC "Frost" Powder Blush (Macy's)
This is the perfect highlight for any complexion! As you can see I dropped this a few too many times, but its still holding me down.

 Essie "mesmerize" and Out the Door top coat. (walmart/ Bed, Bath & Beyond)
Mesmerize is my fav color. I love how it looks up against my skin! 
Out the Door is the perfect top coat! It has a hard finish, and its fast drying. Perfect manicure look, less chipping and great for the quick self mani before you go out! it will actually dry before you get a chance to jack your nails all up!

 NYX lip liner in "Beige" and Nude Mega Shine Lip Gloss in "Nude Pink" (Hair Store)
Alone or together as a team along with some blistex, these babies give me the perfect nude lip! Not too light so you won't look like you were trying to find Isaiah.

 MAC "Ruby Woo" (Macy's)
This is hands-down the most amazing red color for any skin tone! Especially mine. Its a matte lippie which makes it super fun! The cool blue undertones in this lippie brighten your teeth and makes your skin look super dreamy!

 Bare minerals Kabuki brush. (Sephora)
This baby picks up products like none other and leaves your face with a beautiful finish; amazing coverage! I use it for my foundation to get light coverage that gets the job done! No cake face roun' hurr!

 Maybelline Volume Express "One by One" mascara. (Walmart)
This is perfect for the natural fresh faced look that I've been going for lately. It separates my lashes and gives me volume that way as opposed to leaving me with clumped up lashes. 

 Babyliss Mini flat iron. (Bed, Bath & Beyond)
This bad boy gets hot and is perfect for the shortest of hair. Gets super close to the scalp without burning. I flat iron the really short parts of my hair in the back and my edges with no prob. Perfect for the short doo and for the leave-out with your weave!

 Sebastian's "Shaper Plus". (Walmart)
Super flexible hold that blocks out humidity! Perfect for styling the top of my pixie cut and leave outs with weave (especially natural girls who have a hard time keeping their natural hair from poofing up)

Mizani "Shyne". (Hair Store)
This super light sheen gives me just enough shine without the greasy look. 
NARS "Exibit A" Blush (Sephora)
Saved the best for last. This ish right here. This ish right here is magic! The things this stuff does for my complexion with just a tiny stroke of a brush are really hard to believe. I love NARS for thinking about the sisdahs! if you are dark skinned, you need this! Point, blank, period! 
*NARS products are super pigmented, which is great, but that also means a little dab will do ya*
...but yes girl, go to sephora and try it yourself! 


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