Saturday, January 28, 2012

Twisted Coconuts

Hey there, Love Bugs!!!

If you've checked out my last YouTube vid, you will see that I retired LaJay for a bit, and I am currently rocking my TWA. Over the past week I've had twists in my hair (the ones that I have in this video). Ive been rocking the same twists and twist-outs for about three weeks and I haven't washed my hair since the first twist-out. 

I wanted to see how Coconut Oil effected my twist-outs so Ive used only coconut oil in my hair for the past two weeks. 

 I have to say, that after the past two weeks, I am quite impressed by the impact that coconut oil has had on my hair. It makes my hair so soft and moisturized. I haven't had one itch in the scalp or one flake. There isn't too much build up. It leaves my hair light and fluffy. One of the things I love the most about the coconut oil is the way it holds my twist outs together. It gets hard when its cold so it ads extra structure to my curls #holla! 

To say the least, my hair is the softest and shiniest its ever been!

BUT!!!! I do have one complaint, because of the way it made my hair feel and the reviews I've heard from others about the wonders of coconut oil on skin, I started using it on my body and face; and it broke my face and kneck out terribly. I still love it for my hair but I will not dare put it on my face again.

You can find Extra Virgin Coconut Oil at any health food store and a lot of online stores have it as well!

happy twisting!!!
XO, Gabby.


  1. Be very careful with coconut oil. I had crazy acne for a couple of years and couldn't understand why until I stopped using coconut oil.

    1. yesss! im so glad i caught on to it quick. i would have been devastated if the breakout was worse than that.


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