Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mixing it Up

Hey there lovely GSpot.Own.It readers, 
I am sooooo excited to be blogging again after my mini hiatus!!!
For the past couple of weeks I have been buried under my books, counting down the days until my last midterm! Ughhhhhh!!!! Thank baby Jesus it was Wednesday! I tap-danced all the way from class when it was over! lol. 
But seriously, it feels so good to be back with my baby GSpot and you gorgeous folks!

While I was gone, I had the honor of doing a Colabo photo-shoot with the dapper dons of Avid Courtesy League (ACL) and Fashion Through Your Eyes (F.T.Y.E.). This project was quite the experience, I had an absolute ball working with these guys. Jean Marc, Carl and myself met Hanif and Brett at Fashion Night Out, and it was awesome being able meet some of the other members of the team. Each one of the guys has exceptional style, and they are really great guys all around. As usual it was great working with my homeboys from Fashion Through Your Eyes. Jean Marc, Carl and I have grown a lot closer since we started our blogs; we share our passion, different styles, and ideas all the time, and its great always having people around who love this game just as much as I do...

ACL did the photography for the shoot, but here's a peek of what was going down behind the scenes...

Brett of ACL

 Lavan of ACL

 Jean Marc of F.T.Y.E.

Hanif of ACL

Carl of F.T.Y.E.

Craig of ACL

Joe V of ACL


*As you can see I snagged a new doo for the shoot! *
and its yet another wiggy :))


Behind the Scenes

Carl took most of these shots, and they are pretty amazing to be behind the scenes shots!

 We couldn't ask for a more beautiful day!

 JoeV showing off his photography skills! He had some great ideas for shots of me!!!

Photo creds go to my friend Asia for the next few shots...

*check out both blogs that I worked with: *

Peace, Loves


  1. I love well dressed men, there's just something about them...

    This was a fabulous shoot, it looks professional. If you all aren't models, you certainly should be. Perhaps start your own company? Great pictures/post!

  2. great shoot!!! looks like fun times.

  3. @ nicole, thank you sooo much!!! lol those all sound like great ideas! lol watch out now!!! :)0

  4. @simplychic: thanks hun! it was a great time!


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