Saturday, October 15, 2011

velvet stones

This late 80s/ early 90s inspired look is def one of my favs because there is OD texture in these pieces. These velvet booties and pants look like they are straight out of "Waiting to Exhale"; and I'm not sure if you guys can see it clearly but the top I'm wearing is 3D! Yessss its looks like a shirt made with a bunch of flowers! 

When I go for looks that are solely inspired by another fashion era I tots feel like I'm in costume. And for someone who gets bored with things as quick as I do, being able to dress up as someone else for a day really tickles my fancy!

Even though the pieces from this look are all inspired from just about the same era in, they would look just as good or better if mixed into another trend or era, I will be doing plenty of mixing with these pieces so  look out for the funky combos i have in store for these jammies.

top: AA
pants: Macy's
shoes: TopShop

gspot  style book look 4

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