Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Aliexpress Brazilian Wavy Review


  1. question: how do you wash the weave without your braided hair under it getting poofy and what not?

    1. i don't worry about that, i just wash it, and let it dry. I've heard ppl talking about making sure not to get that wet but its not that serious, in my opinion.

  2. ... i think you just need to come back to dubtown, do my hair and cut out the middle man haha

  3. oh snap! haha question before i order this hair... i know you have 3 different lengths, how many bundles should i get? i usually get two packs of hair whenever i wear a weave. and i was thinking of getting a 16 and 20 but if i should get 3 i'd get a 14, 18, and 22. what do you think?


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