Sunday, December 30, 2012

Miss Me?

Some of you may have noticed that its been over three months since my last post. I know, no bueno...but the reason why I haven't blogged since September is because I decided it was best to take a break and focus on school while I'm finishing up my undergraduate degree. I have one more class to take until I am a Rutgers graduate! :)) So it will all be worth it when I do my graduation post in may. ;-)

I hope everyone's been doing well, with merry Christmases and happy Thanksgivings and all that good stuff. And since the world didn't end the other day, I guess we're getting ready to see whats good with 2013.

Before we do that let me re-cap a bit from the past 3 months...

Went to DC to celebrate my boo, Sequoia's bday and to go the Nas and Lauryn Hill "Life is Good/ Black Rage" Tour


 Had the honor of attending a good friend's art showcase at Rutgers Univ.


 Whipped up some Turkey day goodies with my lil G's

 werked it. duh.

 Attended my mama's graduation from Carin University!

 proud kiddies!

*PS please excuse the not-so-bomb quality of some of the pics, I took half of them on my phone :/*


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