Thursday, February 16, 2012

Essie Nail Polish Haul

Hey love bugs!

So Im not sure if I ever mentioned this but my fav nail polish brand is Essie. I am just obsessed with them. They won my heart over O.P.I. quite some time ago, for a number of reasons. I think that Essie is a lot thinner than OPI, ultimately hoping it to dry faster than OPI; and as a girl who is constantly rushing, I need quick drying polish!!! 

I love everything about Essie's nail colors as well. Like they are perfect, you can be fun and bedazzled, strikingly bright, fabulously rich, or politely pastelled. They have colors for every woman. 

So, I've recently found myself picking up more and more Essie colors so I figured I'd do a haul and show you guys what they look like on the finger in case you were too bougie to try them on in the store.

Iight so I'm warning you guys ahead of time that these are just swatches of the colors to show you guys what they look like on. I just did two coats (no top or bottom coat) and i didn't clean up my cuticles after I applied the polish, so try to focus more on the colors and not the messy manicure. lol.

 "Sew Psyched"
 "Aruba Blue"
 "Trophy Wife"
"Master Plan"
**I couldn't open this one so I don't have a finger swatch, but here's a picture I found online**
"Mink Muffs"

I think my fav is "Trophy Wife"!!! I think I'm going to mix and match it with another color this weekend. Ill post pics on the GSpot Facebook Fan Page so that you guys can see! :)

Whats your fav? Hit my comment box up and let me know! :))

You can find Essie at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Ulta, and a bunch of beauty stores (like in the mall).

Later, Loves!


  1. I like aruba blues.

    Speaking of blue nail polish, yesterday I bought Cinderella by Sinful Colors, it's baby blue with sparkles.

    1. I love that Blue!!! lol. thats my second fav!!!
      That sounds yum!!! where are Sinful Colors polishes sold?

    2. Walgreens, Duane Reade, I found it at Walgreens.

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