Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hair update

So I've been wearing a half wig for the past two weeks, and the past few styles that I have worn my hair in have not been the easiest on my hair. For some reason if I don't moisturize with coconut oil twice a day, my braids in the back of my half wig tend to get really dry. On top of that I have been really busy and lazy and I think I only twisted my leave-out like 2 times and I might have put coconut oil on it a total of 5 times int he past two weeks. So with that said, my hair was like a desert...(oh yea, and I blow-dried it before I put the braids in, and that added to the dryness). 

The past couple of days, it got so rough under there that I just wore a scarf tied into some lil funky head wrap and went about my business. 

Tip: For my ladies who wear wigs or half-wigs, I would suggest using a wave cap thats satin as opposed to a cotton wig cap, because the cotton dries your hair out. 

Even though I really didn't have time to do so, I just needed to take a break from the ripping and running and rescue my hair from the dryness it was enduring under the wig and headscarf, so I washed and deep-conditioned it.

While I was steaming in the shower, I realized that I hadn't done a hair update in forever so I figured I'd check in with you guys to let you know whats going on with this hair. So I literally jumped out of the shower and ran into my room to get my camera so that you guys can get an idea of the curl pattern of my hair that I'm developing with growth. I also wanted you guys to see what my TWA would look like without so much shrinkage. 

So here are a few pics of my hair without any products on it....just water.

 I'm quite pleased with the health and texture of my hair; I look forward to continuing to grow a healthy and happy bush. I m not so stuck on growth because I've already experienced longer hair; but I'm mainly focused on experimenting with different styles and most of all having healthy hair. I'm actually kind of not looking forward to it growing because I know that just means more work for me :/

middle of my head 
(this is always the driest part of my hair)

 My curl pattern varies quite a bit throughout my head. 

My hair feels really soft, thats something that is new. Before I cut my hair, it would feel moderately course when it was wet. Another difference that I notice is that my hair never gets tangled. N chile, let me tell you, that is a world of difference from my old bush; that thing used to be like a brillo pad trying to comb and blow-dry through. whoooo wheeeee!!!
I will never miss that! 

Later Babes


  1. Beautiful Hair :) Enjoy This Stage Of Your Hair,, I Miss It :( Lol .

    1. lol. thanks you doll, I will surely miss this!!!

  2. YOU have GORGEOUS hair! I kinda miss my hair being that short as well - life was easier,lol

    1. Thank you so much, babe!!! Trust me I know, thats why i chopped it the first time! lol.


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