Sunday, May 22, 2011

Crochet Craze!

I have always been attracted to the idea of making fashion No-no's into fashion "YESYESSYESSS"'s! And this is soo happening with this new CROCHET CRAZE that is sweeping the streets these days! 
When most people think of crochet, they don't think of fashion because the act of crocheting is something usually done by our grandma's, who take about a year to whip us up that God forsaken hat, mitten n scarf set. Or something like this...

Now crochet is not just a bad gift from granny, it was actually quite the trend during the 70s aka CROCHET IS  A RECYCLED TREND & WE LOVE RECYCLED TRENDS!!!

The only problem is that I don't kno if I'm jive enough to pull off the look that these two lil bad mamas are so innocently owning...Lucky for me thats not exactly what the crochet trends of twenty-eleven look like.

The crochet trends of this season are new, improved and hotter than ever!
...and while on my crochet hunt, I found crochet everything...check it out!






As you can see there is some 70's inspired hipness happening in these threads, but they are also altered a little to  appeal to the more modern eye. Nevertheless, I AM LOVING THIS CROCHET CRAZE! And I see some things I need to add to my wardrobe asap!

These goodies can be found @,, and

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