Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No Viewer Discression Necessary

HAHA!!! yall some freaks!!! 

The concept GSpot.Own.It. comes from the act of coitus (sex) between a man and a woman, where the ultimate goal is to have an orgasm. It is believed the the best way to give a someone an the most intense orgasm is by finding their GSPOT. 

When it comes to life everyone has another GSPOT that is separate from their sexual one. This GSPOT is that thing, number of things, or person that gives you the orgasm of LIFE. When you find your GSPOT you find life!

 Without your GSPOT there is no you, just someone who aspires to be you. YOUR GSPOT IS YOU.

The funny thing about your life GSPOT is that it has no problem finding you, but we are often afraid to truly embrace and become out GSPOTS. We are too busy running away from life with our punk asses. I'm guilty, and so are u!

My GSPOT is fashion. My GSPOT has been trying to find me for as long as I can remember, but i thought no one would understand or accept it. It took a very special person to see it in me, and once he saw it inside of me just ready to but out but being constrained by fear and doubt, he snatched it right up out of me. 

Now that its out, I'm ready to become it and live. I am here to OWN my GSPOT...stay tuned! Loads of  yumminess to come!!!


Your GSPOT is You.

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