Thursday, May 19, 2011

OH Happy Day!!!

Palozzo Pants!!!
It's no secret that we recycle fashion, we bring things back from later decades and swear we did it better than before. Let me start off by saying that recycling and reusing is one of my favorite themes of fashion, so recycle on beauties!!! One of the recycled trends for this season that got 3 finger snap-waves and a head dip from me is PALOZZO PANTS!!! They are definitely an 80's fashion trend that has been recycled, and I'm loving their return!!! Although this is not a recycled trend that is fresh off the runway, I got too damn excited when I started seeing them more often in stores and online!!! You know what that means... Palozzo pants for everyone!!!!

This season you should be able to find them in lots of fun styles...

high waisted& cropped



pleated & printed

(these particular palozzo's can be found @!)

Just for fun, I did a mini shoot yesterday of a couple of different ways you can wear a pair of simple black palozzo's! Now mind you it was raining so my frickin pants got wet, but you should get the idea!

I love when the wind has it's way with my palozzo's!!!

I originally fell in love with palozzo's when I saw my girls Kimberly "Kim" Reese  and Winifred "Freddie" Brooks nailing the look in the hit 80's sitcom, "A Different World"!!! This is my fav show like EVER && the fashion on this show is absolutely to die for!!!

The cast of "A Different World"!!!
And of course Kim is working the printed chiffon palozzo's with an over sized big-bird-yellow blazer! Like what else would she be doing??? 
Ughh cant get enough of her!!! Effin Love it!

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