Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm Growing My Hair Out!!!

Farreal this time!!!

If you have been around me for the past three months, you probably heard me flapping my gums about growing my hair out while at the same time seeing me make no hesitation to cut my hair. Well the reason why I keep saying Im going to grow my hair out, but keep failing to actually do so is because Im a punk when it comes to this, and I really REALLY love my hair short! Its the bestest most easiestest thing in the world and no one in their right mind would give it up for hair. lol.
Thats my story n I'm sticking to it!

Even though I have talked myself out of growing my hair out about 6 times in the past 3 months, I have talked myself into doing it this time by connecting my hair growth to my blog. Im going to do a healthy hair growth/rapid hair growth experiment type thing. 
Everyday, for one year, Im going to...
  1.  take my vitamines
  2. drink 8 glasses of water each day
  3. massage my scalp
  4. keep my hair twisted or braided up (when I get some hair that can be gripped), 
  5. deep condition once a week, and the most important part is that Im not going to cut my hair at all (not even to shape it so that it fits my face)


I aint gon lie, Im scared because I haven't done my hair in over a year! lol. But Imma "make it happen and not excuses"

Ok so here's how we're gonna do this, Im gonna take pictures to show you guys my weekly progress and tell you how my hair week went. Meaning telling you how well I did with sticking to my "hair diet" and any updates that yall cant see with the pictures. Sometimes I'll put up videos (most likely when I get enough hair to do different styles. And I'll also show you guys what products Im trying. I'll do reviews and what-not too!

Bellow I have a few pictures of my hair at its current state. I got it cut pretty low and shaped up to try to get all the blonde out so I could grow it out dye free. You will probably still see a few stray blondes in there but its my natural color for the most part. 

Alright, so I took these pictures this morning before I went to work so this is basically bed hair for me! 
I'm gon miss this bed hair! 
Last night i washed and conditioned my hair. Then I put in Jane Carter Solution's "Re-vitalizing Leave in Conditioner" along with my Palmers Olive oil spray. Every night I make sure to sleep with a satin pillow case so the fabric of my pillow-case doesn't dry my hair out. 

If you guys have any questions on my hair "hair growth" diet let me know!


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