Wednesday, June 29, 2011

week 2

Ok guys, so its week two of my 52 week hair growth challenge! and i have some obvious new growth. Thats not a surprise because my hair was cut pretty low so it should grow a little faster. However, this time it's been growing a little more rapidly than before, so thats a PLUS!

At the top is the picture of last week (week 1) and this is the pic of my growth this week. 
As you can see, the hair is more full on my head, shape-up is pretty much gone, and curls are slowly starting to form at the top of my head. This week and next week my hair will be at that awkward stage i hate when I cant brush it and my hair isn't long enough to form a complete coil so its kinda all over the place. OH THE JOY -_-

Here's a closer look. Right before I took this picture, I rinsed a mayonnaise and Shea butter dc (deep conditioner) out of my head that I had in for about 4 hours. I'm not gonna lie, I have no clue when the last time I did a deep conditioner because when you don't have hair, you really don't have to worry about dc'ing. The dc I used to use was Carol's Daughter "Black Vanilla Smoothie" 
Now I went to the hair store yesterday and bought a bunch of Carol's Daughter products, but I took them back because I realized I could save like $25 if I bought them on line. Plus free shipping! Whaaat!? Those lil Indians on George St. set trippin!

In the last post I made a list of the details of my hair growth challenge and I mentioned that I was going to drink 8 glasses of water a day, take my vities, drink my acai berry juice, massage my scalp, and deep condition once a week...

These thinks are meant to stimulate growth and just to keep my over-all health good. I did a hair mask and deep conditioner today...

I used to be the biggest hair junkie, but since I have a minimal amount of hair, I have purchased the minimal amount of products with this style. Soooooo, since I decided to take the Carol's Daughter back, I basically had the minimal amount of products to work with. So I found an old hair mask/ detangler called the "Natural Laxer"

I continued to improvise with my Shea butter and Hellman's as a deep conditioner which worked out great by the way!

Not feeling too well tonight so if yall have any questions ask me n ill give u deets!!!

love yall!

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