Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beautiful Creations

Hey lovies!
Today I had a day off from work so I decided to spend some time with my girl Sharla. Her visit was extra special to me because we just sat and talked about the things that we wanted to do in life and different projects we were focusing on. During our visit we checked out each other's blogs and a few other cool sites we like. Now I knew that Sharla was a very talented artist because she recently gave me a canvas that she painted and I absolutely loved it! But when I went to her blog where she had pictures of a few of her pieces   I was blown away at how amazingly beautiful her pieces were! Like seriously, I couldn't stop talking about it, and I was just showing her work off to anyone who came through the door as if it was a work of my own. LOL. But seriously, shawty got skills!

Right before she showed me the site, she told me that she would be selling her work for a GREAT price (11'14 for $50 bucks) so that she could expand her own ability and to expand her portfolio. She's doing custom pieces as well as selling some of the pieces that are seen on her blog so be sure to contact her while the pieces are at such a good price!

Her email is: sharla_goals@yahoo.com

The face behind the work. Ms. Sharla!

Here's  little taste...

Are you drooling yet???
Because this was about the point when I started! 

This pic look familiar to some???

Its The Creator herself!!! Aminah Mussa

She's another amazingly gifted friend of mine who is a designer, or should I say CREATOR!

You can buy her pieces at http://shop.yanghi.com/

On our way to get some ice-cream, we decided to stop and check out this natural foods store around the corner from my apartment, while we loved the fact that we found a new spot to get organic fruits and veggies, we probably more fascinated by the artwork that was all over the walls and stairs on the way up to the organic juice bar that was upstairs.

Since the stairwell was so cute, it would only be right to whip out the iPhone for a mini photo shoot. :D

Be sure to go to her blog (http://biggest-vice.tumblr.com/) to get the info so you can put your order in asap!

Also friend request her on fb so that you will get the updates on her fan-page that she's currently working on!

and if you have any questions email her at sharla_goals@yahoo.com

Until next time Beauties!!! 



  1. Her work is really incredible, makes me wish I could paint or draw.

  2. Yes girl she is phenomenal! I love her work! :)) I do too! that would be soo cool!


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