Monday, September 26, 2011

Natasha's 21st!!!

My friend Tasha turned 21 over the weekend.
Pics from her party!!!

Me n Carl with my right hand, Asia!
Go out with these cats and your bound to have fun!

carl n abby

Our Aphrodite of the night
I adored her look that night!!!

Carl posing with the birthday girl Natasha!!!
Doesnt she look STUNNING???

The cake and table decorations were all of that!

HAHAH!!! good times!!!

fine lads

 Ms. Nashira looking gougeous!

Hey hey! its Ant Gibbons, our Gspot logo creator!

The birthday girl and the Iotas

New kids on the block

Love this girl!

Asia, Me, and Abby

my twinnie
lol. my friend Ikepo workin it ouuuut!

A Red Carpet Affair

Had to get another one of my soul sista!

photo creds: Jean Marc and Carl

I had a ball. Everyone looked Fab.
What more can you ask for???


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