Sunday, September 25, 2011

new hair

Hey beauties!
So as I told you guys in the last post, Ive been rocking a wig for the past week or so. I  just was dying to try something new that was quick for my birthday. So I ordered this wig online just to try it out..and I fell in love! It was perfect!!! Its huge and fun. lol. I swear it inspires me to try different fun looks. I look at it as an accessory (especially since you can take it off) lol.
But yes, I think im sold! Because this thing is hawt!

HAHA! I know everyone isnt into wigs or big, wild n crazy hair or someone going from one hair extreme to the next but yall know I am! lol. 
Like seriously, this thing is perfect for me! because I get bored with my hair quick so when I do get sick of it, I can just take it off! lol.

these are just some pics from my phone of looks that I tried with my new doo...

So just like every other girl who rocks big hair, I hoped that ppl would say that I reminded them of Chaka and Badu simply because they are the baddest big hair mamajamas ever! lol. Well I did get my inspiration for this doo from them and a few other famous hotties...

n if yall think that when this hair has run its corse I wont pick it out to get that Erykah look... Watch This...



  1. pretty!

  2. gorgeous! where'd you order it from?

  3. Thank you!!!

    @triangle eyes -->>


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