Saturday, September 24, 2011

3 month hair growth update

Hey lovies!
So as some of you already know, back in June I decided to stop cutting my hair and start a healthy hair growth challenge. Back in June when I first started, I had a low low caesar with a shape up, so I was starting from scratch.

I know you guys have been wondering why I havent posted weekly about my hair growth, but I figured it would be more effective to do the posts a little more spread apart than weekly. Because It was getting kind of hard to see the growth because you guys were seeing the progress every week.

Nonetheless, i didnt forget to keep taking pics weekly or ever two weeks. I will show you guys pics of the past 6 weeks or so to give you guys an idea of the progress. Then I will show you what it looks like today.

Week 5
my hair was extra dry this day because I tried some garnier fructis curl sculpting spray that I got on sale and it dried my hair all the way out! ughhh.

week 6

 Week 7

week 8 {2 months}

Week 9
(dry with olive oil)

week 10
(dry with olive oil)

week 11
(dry with olive oil)

week 12
(styled with kinky curly, so there is a bit of shrinkage thats why the previous pics look like its longer)

week 13
(styled with kinky curly)

Ok, so as yall can see, I played around with the kinky curly Curling custard a bit. I used it along with my olive oil and I love the results so far. I wanna give it a couple of more weeks to do a review on it but one is definately coming up.

Also, Im super duper pressed to show u guys the point i am at now with my progress. I am finally able to twist my hair!!! Yesss! its lil stubby droppling twists but shoot they are twists! lol.

As I was looking around on youtube I came across this funky wig called "la jay" by Vanessa that I just had to try. So I decided to rock "La Jay" for my 21st birthday celebration. When the wig came, I washed and deep conditioned my real hair and for some reason I decided to see if i could twist it, and sure nuff I got something working up there. So I figured that maybe this wig thing could be more than just a birthday weekend thing; and maybe I could use it as a protective style. I figured it couldnt hurt any, since i was dying to get something new and twists make my hair grow like crazy. So Ive had the wig on for about a week and a half now. Im still not completely used to it but I love it nonetheless.

*these are my lil stubby twists that big says dont count as twist but he jst be hatin*

*excuse my roughness, but yall get the point*

wig pix coming soon!

Enjoy the Rest of your Weekends!!!

Love. Peace. and Twists :D

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