Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Forever XXI

Birthday Girl #1

Birthday Girl #2

Sissy Poo! :))

This was the first time in about 4 years that I celebrated my birthday with my sisters. Being away at school makes it really hard to see my fam and I always get kind of down because I have to spend my birthday with out them. But this year we were together and I was happier than ever!

 Britt and her Boyfriend, Nigel

 big n G.

my pookie's all growed up *tear*

the band was rockin all nigh 



the food was super slammin!

Make a wish!!!

they taught me how to Mississippi Mud slide.

Derrick and SiSi.
Good times with good people!


Boogie Nights.

north jerz meets philly. lol

she had to put some stank on it.


my diva, fixing his hair. lol.

So u thought he wasnt gonna whip it???


Pretty lady!--Asia!
turban tied by G.

found some friends and got to cupid shuffling some more
I love me some dapper folk!

living my life like its golden

i liked this one upside down. ;p

I had an absolute ball! I had an all around great Birthday weekend and I am so thankful for anyone who thought of us on our special day!



  1. I'm sitting here laughing out loud and grinning like a fool at you guys, looks like you had a serious ton of fun. Everyone looks great!


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