Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Britt's Graduation

My twin sister, Brittany, graduated last Thursday from TempleU with honors!

Daddy's ret

 proud family

 daddy wore his glasses, thats how you know it was real
 Heathcliff in the house!

 Dr. Cosby giving his speech. It was great!

 Dr. Cosby's under robe get up

 my parents looking like they are being swarmed with the paps

 Mommy and her grad! <3
 Proud Parents
 Proud God mom and Uncle, they came all the way from Ohio for the graduation. Thats LOVE!

slugg n sudy's kids
 Britt and her boyfriend, Nigel

 Us and our good friend Naya who graduated from UPENN on Sunday
 Britt and her ace, Bee, who graduated TU as well on Thursday

 Graduation gift from mommy and daddy (a pandora bracelet with an owl charm) TU12

 Best frans since they were 7. My mom and God Mom.
 Whats cooking good looking? 
Slugg love
Proud Brother
slugg so G wit it

 True dat

 Ceremony # dos

 Congratulations to my sissy poo!!!

Congratulations to the Class of 2012!!!

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