Friday, May 18, 2012

Foto fun with Daddy

When I woke up I planned to do an outfit post because it was a beautiful day and I hadn't done one in a while. However, when I got out of the bed, I wasn't feeling well at all so I tried to take it easy all day. Once I was feeling a little better, I was still determined to get a post in. Although I had a few errands to run, I was determined to beat the sun and get this post in. Well I failed miserably at beating the sun, due to a spur of the moment shopping trip with my sisters and mom, but when we got back from the mall I decided that even though I wouldn't get any natural lighting, I could try to get in a post with just the lighting I could get from the dining room. Then my dad peeked his head around the corner and asked if I wanted him to take pics of me, so we turned it into a little mini shoot. 
We didn't have great lighting at all, but I figured you guys would get the point. 

In the spirit of the warm months, I figured I'd do a summer look with this color-blocked dress and fedora . For the face I went super peach, peach blush, peach highlighter, peach eyeshadow base, peach lip, everything. 

 testing 1.2.3.

My dad's hilarious, had me cracking up half of the time. 

Later Loves, 


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