Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ropes n Rhinestones Part 1

This weekend my sister, our girl Bianca and I took a little road trip to Maryland to celebrate with some of our friends who were graduating from The University of Maryland in College Park. We stayed a couple of days went to a friend's graduation celebration and tore DC up every night we were there. 

 Our grad

 Love this woman!

 love these two
Sam's little, but she's sitting pretty on the big wheels. 
 So happy I survived night one. lol. 
 Frances n her gorgeousness heading to Yinka's graduation celebration at this amazing country club.
 Yinka looking fab

 Bessie and Yinka Terps 2012!!!


 This place was perfect

 My good friend and Urban Cartel's own, Seph Ade check out his awesome voice and his band here

 Our gorgeous grad, Suzan and her beautiful best friend, Sequoia
 Yinka and her fab Mama!
 The Celebrant and her Sorors 

 Do ya thang, Sam!

 My lovely sister

 TU & UMD 2012 grads!

 Yinka and her family

I've got nothing but love for these folks

*part 2 up next*


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