Friday, July 8, 2011


Hey loves, so I recently got the iPhone4 and slowly but surely I have been discovering he endless possibilities of this thingymajiger.

The other day I downloaded the way cool "Instagram" app. Its like a photo-sharing network that can also serve as a photo-editer bc it has some really neat special effects. I was playing around with some make-up today and decided to have some mini-shoot fun. Once I finished the shoot I threw the "nashville" effect on the photos and viola...

For all my iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users: download the app here and follow me (gspotownit)

Top: American apparel
Necklace: mom's closet
Pants: forever21 romper with the top tucked under
Lip color: MAC "ruby woo" color inspiration from celeb stylist June Ambrose)

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