Thursday, July 28, 2011

week 4

Here's a super late update of week four of my hair growth challenge! I used the same regimen as week 3. I think I'm gonna stick to that (carol's daughter hair milk shampoo n conditioner, CD hair smoothie, CD Lisa's hair elixir). Each of the photos were taken after a deep conditioner and hot oil treatment. My hair was still wet but had no product in it.

Because my hair is all the same color I determine my new growth by the shape the curl's have reached, the amount of scalp you can see, and the height my hair is off my head in the front.

Imma have to have a lil talk with Jesus about these slow-to-grow temples of mine. But other than that I'm very happy with the growth.

Pray for my temples n I'll pray for your's. :))

Peace & olive oil.

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