Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mani's twist out

So last week I did my lil sis's hair in a twist-out. She's the only person in our fam who has yet to cut her hair so she's one of my guinea-pigs til I get some hair.

She washed and conditioned her hair by herself, using the organix coconut milk line. Then I deep conditioned her hair using Carol's daughter's Black vanilla smoothie n Hellman's mayo. I let the DC sit in her hair for abt a half while she wore a shower cap. After detangling with my "Goody" wide tooth comb I was ready to twist.

The shampoo (conditioner looks jst like this)

(my DC products)

The twists were abt medium sized. And because she wanted them going to the front on the right side of her face, I twisted them in that direction on that side of her face. The products I used for the twists were: tons of olive oil, garnier fructis water based wax, carol's daughter loc butter, n carol's daughter hair milk original. I parted her hair in 4 sections and put a very small amount of each product (except the EVOO which i used a bunch of, and thd wax which i saved for later) in each section. Then I braided combed each section to work in the products. I braided up 3 of the sections n left one out. Then I twisted n sealed the ends with the wax by twisting them with my fingers. I continued this process with each section until I was done; being careful to twist in the direction I wanted the hair to go.





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