Sunday, July 17, 2011

my first attempt at doing locs!

So my boo has locs, and for so long I've wanted him to teach me how to do them because I feel like dreads is the only thing I don't know how to do to natural hair. His sister is actually a hairstylist n she is amazing! She does everything under the sun when it comes to hair;and she's don't some pretty dope styles to his hair. I've been saying for a year that I have to get her to teach me because I knew that was the only way he would let me get my hands in his hair.

I recently bought the Carol's daughter "loc butter" for my (future) twist-outs n his locs. I'm trying to get him into the healthy hair stuff too n he's so supportive and really open to it all. So he finally decided to teach me how to do his locs n let me tell y'all, I was pressed! Lol. So after teaching me with a couple of locs I caught on pretty quickly, and then I went on to twist the rest of his locs.

It took me two days with breaks and stuff tho. That was the most precise, multi-stepped hairstyle I've ever done. Whew! But we both enjoyed the quality time together, watching movies, talking, and listening to Jim Rohn, Les Brown, and Tony Robbins audio's (he's a life coach and we are constantly perfecting our crafts and living our dreams).

The products I used were Carol's Daughter "loc butter" and Garnier Fructis Style "water based shine wax"

Here's the before picture

In his "IWILL" gear...Like his hoodie and button?! Let me kno and I'll tell you how u can get one

Lol. Someone's happy they are getting their hair done.


Finally done twisting

The finished product

Next I want to learn how to do different styles with locs!!!

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